Anionic redox and high-energy-density electrodes

        Conventional cathode materials used are typically lithium-containing transition metal oxides and phosphides (e.g., LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4) which store (release) electrical energy via (de-)insertion of Li+ ions, accompanied by redox reactions of the transition metal cation. The specific capacity of the cathode is therefore limited by the number of electrons per transition metal cation that can participate in the redox reaction. This exclusive dependence on the transition metal cations as the redox center has been challenged by the recent discovery of oxygen redox reactivity in Li-excess cathode materials. Exploration of the novel combined cationic and anionic redox chemistries with the goals of high energy density, no O2 loss, and low-cost are still ongoing and have drawn significant attention from the electrochemical energy storage field. Using first-principles tools, we were able to identify one special "Li6-O" local configuration, which is anionic redox active and can be used to realize significantly enhanced energy density in transition metal oxide electrodes.
Representative Publications
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